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How brands and rights holders gain an edge

The only debit and credit card spending data for brands and rights holders that helps you sell more partnerships, benchmark competitors, and measure marketing efficiency.

Benchmark competitors

Measure revenue gained from sports partnerships

Make smarter investment decisions

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Don’t just take our word for it


There's a better way to
get consumer insights

Measure efficiency and get competitive insights in real time

Old Way

Use survey data or rely on expensive syndicated research.

Surveys and syndicated research is an archaic way to measure outcomes and get consumer insights.

Not real time

Doesn't tell the whole story

Small sample sizes

New Way

Use real time debit and credit card data to get consumer insights.

Measure partnership efficiency like never before, or spy on competitor revenue.

Near real time

Gain edge over competitors

Negotiate from a place of power

Core Features

Everything you need to gain an edge

But don't take our word for it. We'll let the product do the talking.

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Measure Sports Sponsorships

The first time in history, get insights into the revenue driven from sports partnerships.

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Get Competitor Revenue

Get competitor revenue insights without hiring a spy.

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Cross Shopping Insights

Find out what products customers switch to or where they shop before and after visiting you.

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Measure Loyalty, Churn, and Retention

Understand how often customers are coming back to you or competitors. Understand churn and retention.

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Gain Local Market Insights

Understand how your local market spends in certain categories.

How It Works

Get setup in three easy steps

It's never been easier to get started and gain an edge.

Schedule a Demo

We use this time to understand your use cases and business needs.

Customize Solution

We develop a customized solution that meets your goals and objectives.

Set up Dashboard

We will start to collect the data you need and populate your dashboard with insights.

Switch to CastMetrics in 24 hours or less

Consumer insights shouldn't be in a black box. With CastMetrics, you can finally get the data you need to gain a competitive edge.

Friendly support

Gain access to over 5% of all USA spend

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